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Recasens Joyero S.A. is a family business dedicated to the handmade jewelry manufacturing, with 50 years of experience gained. The company is still located in the workshop that founder Francisco Recasens opened at Vallirana street (Barcelona), in 1957. After finishing his degree at Massana school, Francisco Recasens focused his design skills to the jewelry sector. Once he had created his first collection, he decided to travel arround the country in order to find out people who could be interested in his work. The passionate and meticulous dedication to his craftwork, the close relationships to customers, and overcoat, the unique jewels and exclusive pieces he produced with his talent and perseverante, have given as a result a highly prized company throughout the country.


After decades of exclusive craftwork, and also with a special recognition for their pearl pieces, Recasens Joyero S.A. is a prestigious company in the jewelry sector that has been awarded because of the quality of their jewel designs: Premio Iberjoya 1985 and 1992, and also the Special Prize at Hong Kong Fair 1988. Despite all this awards, the most valuable recognition that the company has received is just the satisfaction of their customers: every client who ask for a jewel, people who is every day trusting in their work and philosophy.


Recasens Joyero's philosophy is to offer always the best quality product to their customers. That means materials, but also final details, as well as every single part of the manufacturing process. The handmade work and the inspiration by pearls or diamonds, that moment when just a colour, or a shape, determinates an special design, makes Recasens Joyero S.A. a unique company, engaged with the wishes of every customer and strongly sensitized with the quality and exclusivity desire of jewel owners. As time goes by, Recasens Joyero S.A. has adapted to the new technologies and comercial situation, in order to be always able to offer modern and actractive Jjewels, unique and exclusive diamonds.

Highlighted products


White gold with baroque sweet-water cultured pearls and diamonds


White gold with black and white Keishi pearls and diamonds


White gold with cultured pearls of different colours and diamonds


White gold with australian baroque pearls and diamonds


White gold with australian pearl and diamonds


white gold turquoise and diamonds


White gold with Keishi pearl from Tahiti, white, grey and black, and diamonds


White gold with australian pearl and diamonds